Inspired Quill in a sentence:

Inspired Quill is a traditional independent publisher, dedicated to quality literature, skills development, and social/environmental causes.

Mission Statement

Inspired Quill is a not-for-profit publishing house providing a quality-driven platform for authors and readers.

From submission to launch, we collaborate with our authors, rather than operating above them. We focus diligently on setting new standards in ecological, people-oriented publishing that actively develops an author’s skills, by facilitating open involvement in marketing and editing, and encouraging authentic public confidence.

Our Diversity Pledge is absolutely core to all aspects of our business.

We consistently engage new writers, in order to remove roadblocks and misinformation about the industry.

Finally, we provide activities and workshops to encourage and inspire transferable, creative skills to primarily marginalised individuals, and additionally partner with selected non-profit groups and charity programs.

Our Pledge to Give Back

As a Social Enterprise, Inspired Quill engages with our communities to enrich, support, and inspire them. Read more about our pledges here.

Meet The Team

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