Citizen Zero
In a bitterly divided nation where security trumps civil liberty, unemployed David is on the verge of sinking into the ‘Zeros’ – a destitute underclass numbering millions. But then JobNet’s advanced virtual reality world offers him a gateway to a worthwhile future, and a chance to rejoin society.

Elysium's Shadow

Jon May has been the Governor of Elysium for a few hours, and he’s already facing a belligerent Chief of Security, an ex-Operations Manager imprisoned for killing the previous Governor, and an amorphous energy mass that has its own agenda.

Micah Seven Five

When a sunny morning presents an unnamed corpse stuffed into a black carrier bag and dumped outside a local charity shop, Detective Inspector Jack Munday and his team scramble to piece together the man’s identity. The trail leads them into the excesses of London’s highly paid bankers, where a lifestyle of drugs, sex, risk-taking and flamboyant living come easily.

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Why would you even want a Damsel?

Why would you even want a Damsel?

One of my favourite animated series was, and still is, The Mysterious Cities of Gold. It aired on the BBC in the very late eighties and it has always been a huge comfort and inspiration to me. Aside from the character of navigator Mendoza’s...

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